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Geneseo, IL epoxy garage floor

Epoxy Floors | Garage Floors | Geneseo, IL

The professional team at Dixon's Superior Epoxy and Garage Flooring Services specializes in providing high-quality services for homes or business.

Epoxy Floors Geneseo, IL: The Ideal Way To Protect Your Floorings

In Geneseo, Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring is dedicated to offering the highest quality epoxy floor coatings. We know that your epoxy floor is really a significant investment, and we take every single job with all the greatest of care and attention. Whether you are seeking a polished, showroom-quality floor or perhaps a tougher & low-maintenance choice for your garage or workspace, we've got the best epoxy flooring solution for you personally. We also offer a number of epoxy floor coatings which can be tailored to match your unique needs and preferences. We can build your epoxy floor to fulfill any kind of requirements, whether it is stylish & long-lasting or superior utility with creative design. Go for Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring if you're looking for the perfect epoxy flooring service.

Top Epoxy Floor Companies in Geneseo

Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring gives high-quality epoxy flooring products and services to residential & commercial clients in Geneseo. Our company specializes in the installation of epoxy floors, concrete epoxy, along with other types of flooring solutions that are tough and simple to maintain. Our epoxy flooring solutions are of the highest quality thanks to our usage of really advanced tools and preparation techniques. Along with us, you can be sure you will have a long-lasting epoxy floor which withstands the test of time. Give our floor experts a phone call now to discuss your requirements.


We have a number of epoxy floor techniques to pick from, each of those could be customized to suit your particular demands. Epoxy flooring could be added (or filled up) to nearly any floor surface. Our company offers the following finishes: anti-slip, self-leveling epoxy, metallic, graveled epoxy, high build, mortar systems, and many others. Our company offers various other professional services, including but not limited to: 3D floor art, epoxy inlays, flooring restoration, grinding, and more. We offer design services to help you select the best method for your place. Call us today to learn more!

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Our Services

We provide you with a high-quality epoxy floor coating service that can totally change the appearance of your floor surface. It's a wonderful option for individuals who are looking for an affordable, resilient & easy to maintain floor solution. Our epoxy flooring services are reliable and our staff is skilled in setting up epoxy floor coatings. Listed below are some of the services we provide you with:

Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring can be your best epoxy flooring installer. Our team is an expert in setting up epoxy floors, and we also have experience with a wide range of epoxy types. Whether you are seeking a metallic epoxy garage floor or a household floor, we could help out. We know that every job is unique, so we invest time to know your specific requirements & desired goals. We are able to assist you with a variety of other services, like polished concrete and epoxy stain concrete. So if you're looking for a skilled and knowledgeable epoxy floor installer, look no further than Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring. Call us now to plan a free consultation.

Your garage is one of the most highly utilized regions in your residence. It is where you will park your motor vehicle, keep your lawn mower and also other outdoor gear, and even perhaps utilize as a workshop. The flooring is especially susceptible to damage from huge foot traffic, drastic temperatures, & humidity. Spills & stains may totally ruin the flooring. You need to protect your garage flooring with a quality epoxy floor coating for this simple reason. Garage floor epoxy Geneseo offers a durable, protective layer which will safeguard your floor surfaces against all kinds of damage. Moreover, it also provides a nice, finished overall look to your space. At Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring, we focus in assisting you make the right garage floor and we also offer a number of epoxy flooring solutions to select from.

With ordinary concrete floors, what you see is what you get. They're long-lasting and easy to clean, but they can also be quite boring and unfinished looking. If you'd like to improve your concrete floor, epoxy flooring is a great choice. Epoxy is a form of resin that could be applied to concrete floor surfaces in order to create a smooth, glossy finish. Besides, it's stain & scratch resistant, which makes it suitable for areas with high-traffic. The beauty of epoxy floor is that you can select from a range of colors & patterns to suit your style.

At Dixon Superior Epoxy & Garage Flooring, we take pleasure in offering our customers with attractive, long-lasting epoxy flooring options that are certain to complement any room in their home. The epoxy flooring our company offers isn't only lovely, but also incredibly functional. We've got many years of experience offering high-quality service so we constantly attempt to make our clients completely satisfied. Dixon Epoxy is the ideal option if you'd like to add attractiveness & functionality for your living space. We will give your room a stylish masterpiece which will last a lifetime. We will be more than happy to help you convert your idea perfectly into a reality.

In the face of increasing laws necessitating industrial units to maintain a secure and sanitary environment for their staff members, establishments are more and more choosing to install epoxy flooring surfaces for their many benefits. Our epoxy flooring systems establish a smooth, easy-to-maintain finish that is also durable & healthy for workers. Also, our floor is extremely reflective, ensuring the very best lighting conditions in your work space. Your organization's manufacturing, warehousing or storage space is a precious asset, & putting on an epoxy resin floor from our staff enhances that value.

3D epoxy floor is really a unique & beautiful approach to finish your floor. 3D epoxy floorings are created by adding special effects on the epoxy before it's added to the floor. Whether you pick a geometric style or a more natural pattern, 3D epoxy floors are certain to make a statement. As a result of their design versatility and high performance, 3D epoxy floors are becoming more and more favorite in shopping centers, halls, workplaces, households, & museums. Speak to us when you are fascinated with 3D epoxy flooring.

Epoxy flooring is one of the preferred options for commercial units for numerous reasons. Because it is resistant to wear & tear, this floor coverings is ideal for heavy traffic regions. A major advantage of epoxy flooring is they are really simple to maintain and keep clean, which is especially important for commercial spaces with rigid sanitation guidelines. Epoxy floor is also a cost effective option for food preparation places and other medical spaces since it is both eco-friendly and anti-microbial. Overall, epoxy floor is a superb choice for any commercial environment that requires a durable, simple-to-maintain floor that's also safe and hygienic.

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Five Reasons Epoxy Floor Will Rule 2022

Spectacular aesthetics: Epoxy flooring can in fact enhance the overall appearance of your dwelling or business office. The reason being that epoxy floorings appear in many different colors & designs, meaning that you can find an option that completely matches the overall appearance of your space. Additionally, epoxy floors produce an all natural sheen that will provide even the drabbest room a more appealing & pleasant overall look.


Improves safety: Are you aware that epoxy floors can actually improve the safety of your house or office environment? This is because epoxy floorings are nonslip, meaning that there is a very low possibility of mishaps, slips, and falls. Besides, epoxy floor coatings will also help increase the visibility of your room or space, making it simpler for individuals to move around without bumping into things.


Cost-effective: Epoxy flooring isn't as costly as you may think of. Epoxy floorings are actually quite economical when compared to the other types of floor surfaces. This is because epoxy flooring has got a long lifespan, therefore you do not need to change it out as often. Epoxy flooring is not only durable, but it is also extremely easy to put in and maintain, further lowering the overall price.


Effortless to maintain: Epoxy floorings are quite very easy to clean, meaning that you won’t have to hire a specialist to get it done for you. You simply need a sweeper, mop, plus some soap and water. Additionally, epoxy floor coatings are resistant to staining and color fading, which means you don’t have to bother about them losing their gloss over time.


Durable: Epoxy floors have high durability. Epoxy flooring does not chip or crack as easily as conventional floor surfaces, therefore it makes for a more durable, long-lasting floor. This is particularly valuable if you have a high-traffic space in your home or place of work. As an additional benefit, epoxy floors are usually resistant to a wide selection of household chemical substances, so you will not have to worry about spills damaging them.

Experienced Epoxy Flooring Company Serving Geneseo

If you've considered the many benefits of epoxy flooring & would want to try it in the office or home, please give us a call! We are a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. Our aim is to offer clients with all the best epoxy flooring experience possible. For individuals who stay in Geneseo, contact us today for the epoxy floor coating needs or with any questions you could have with regards to epoxy. We would be happy to give you a free consultation & estimation.

Dixon Superior Epoxy Testimonials 

Dixon Superior Epoxy Flooring is the best epoxy flooring company in Illinois

top-rated epoxy flooring company

They were the most competitively priced company in the area for our garage epoxy flooring. I am super happy with how it turned out, and they did a great job of installing and cleaning up afterward too!

Mark Arnold

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top-rated epoxy flooring company

Dixon Superior Epoxy Flooring is the best in town! I was referred to them by my neighbor and it was easy for me because they have a guarantee that you can depend on. The service is prompt, professional, and friendly--just what every customer wants out of their business partnerships.


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top-rated epoxy flooring company

Very impressed with the workmanship from Dixon Epoxy Flooring. They took their time to answer all our questions and explained everything clearly, ! If you're looking for a company that will provide high-quality services at fair prices then these guys are definitely worth considering as future contractors on your next project

Grace Law

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